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Soft Collection

Soft Collection

UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE - Soft Collection introducing upholstered furniture for the first time ever to the brand’s portfolio. Since the founding of the company, Max ID NY has mainly worked with manufacturers hand-making all of his furniture with solid materials, be it teak, stainless steel and marble, however an urge to discover new manufacturing techniques and push his designs aesthetically encouraged Maximilian Eicke to expand his mediums.

Over the past four years, Max ID NY has created an architectural compound in Bali for which every single item in the house - including tableware, glassware, lighting and furniture - was designed from scratch for the house. Dubbing the project “house of prototypes,” about 200 designs were created and slowly the best of these designs will be brought to market over the coming seasons.

The Soft Collection debuts eight of Maximilian’s favorite furniture designs from his Dukuh Haus Project.

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