Currently we do automatic checkout to only USA based addresses. Please contact us for international rates.

We ship all our orders with UPS Ground for a flat rate fee of 12$

If your address is not serviced by this, or you wish to receive your package with an expedited service we are able to offer many other options and can quote you the price.


Are They Dishwasher Safe:
Yes our Ghost Tumblers, Highballs and Vases are dishwasher safe. However, we recommend hand washing with a mild liquid dishwashing detergent.
As dishwasher detergents can be very abrasive and cause damage over long term use.

Can They Freeze Go In The Freezer?
Our glassware is no designed for freezing and/ storing in the freezer.

Can They Hold Hot Beverages?
Our glassware is no designed for boiling hot beverages such as tea/coffee.

Bubbles and Variances?
Due to our glassware being hand-blown the glasses can contain air bubbles and minor tool marks. These are not defects but instead add character and charm Bubbles appear in the glass because it is blown glass. The glassware is created with the craftsmen’s breath. Bubbles are part of the appeal of a hand-blown piece and add character to each glass. 

Can we add a note?
We offer the ability to add a note, but this can only be included if you make a remark in the notes section making us aware of this wish.
We do not ship any of our orders with invoices, only with packing slips, so whether for personal or gifting you do not have to worry the price will only be known through your original invoice you received via email.

Can we gift wrap?
Our packaging is already designed to act as a gift box, so we do not offer any additional wrapping services.

My Gift Box is Damaged/Dirty?
We designed our packaging to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, and to present our glassware in the best way possible, but its sole purpose is to make sure that the glassware arrives with you safely.
So if the internals of the box are ripped/damaged but the glassware is not broken then the box achieved its main purpose.