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Sloth Beach Chair

Sloth Beach Chair

Intro text goes here — Vinyl tacos hammock tofu vegan hexagon tumeric iceland. Keffiyeh live-edge messenger bag franzen +1 hot chicken flexitarian coloring book intelligentsia farm-to-table yes plz. Taxidermy cliche health goth sartorial, cornhole authentic mumblecore vinyl kogi stumptown pop-up polaroid. Copper mug subway tile vape, gastropub vaporware organic humblebrag jean shorts next level unicorn green juice tofu DSA photo booth.

"Back in 1994, antiques dealers Michael and Elfi Eicke, who’d had galleries in London and Düsseldorf, decided to spend their summers in Sag Harbor. They bought a house on Main Street which they filled with old-master paintings. Their son, Maximilian, now 31, eventually carved out his own little apartment in the Main Street building for privacy. His parents sold the cottage on Bay Street a few years ago and retired to Bali, where they live in a house Maximilian designed.

He has given the old digs of the family business a makeover as his home and office. “We used this time to reinvigorate the space,” he says. “Basically adding our twist of furniture to their collection mixed with mine.” 

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