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"Iceberg" for Moda Operandi

"Iceberg" for Moda Operandi

As a exclusive collaboration for Holidays 2022 Max ID NY collaborated with leading luxury retailer Moda Operandi to create a holiday inspired glass - reflecting the richness of icebergs

With the “Iceberg” Tumbler, Maximilian Eicke has redefined his signature, twist-faceted Ghost glass — a design he meticulously developed over the course of two years — to perfectly mimic the deep blue glow of an iceberg and its ever changing character.

Much like an iceberg, where the clearest bluest water is compressed inside a white layer of snow and ice, the depth and intricate faceted pattern of its form has been sculpted into each piece by artisan glass blowers through a multi-piece molding technique. Layering three colors on top of one another, the handcrafted glasses feature

subtle color variations that make each set entirely unique.

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